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Modern Electronics ReflowR

Modern electronics make extensive use of surface mount components, but there is no convenient, affordable, small desktop reflow tool available. ReflowR is a great small tool to make working with surface mount components just so much easier.

What ReflowR customers have to say...

"The ReFlowR is much better than an IR oven. If you get it, you'll be pleased." - Bob Smith
"Great product, solid addition to your electronics workbench" - Kursat Uvez
"I’m already liking the ReflowR. I just assembled the test board, and it was infinitely less stressful than the hot plate I’ve used up until now." - Mike Boich
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Why did you create the ReflowR project?

I have hand built hundreds of SMT prototypes and short production runs myself, I have tried and experimented with just about every technique and tool. Recently I designed and started to use my own reflowing tool, I was so pleased by how much easier it makes working with and repairing SMT boards I just had to share it. Get a reflowR and see for yourself.

What makes it special?

  • Stress reducing - Less worry that human error will burn your board and ruin your effort and parts, less worry that thermal shock will make your board fail as soon as it leaves your hands and ruin your reputation.

  • Inspirational teaching/ learning aid - Children( and adults) are inspired more by what they can do, than by what they are shown.

  • Superior even temperature - Unlike heavy cast pans, electric aluminium skillets or toasted ovens that are designed to cook food, The reflowR is designed specifically to heat PCB's, it uses a special large flat heater element and thick aluminum plate right between the heater and the top plate to spread the heat evenly across the entire PCB without uneven cold spots like a toaster oven and controller example.

  • Multifunction - Reflow , Rework, MSD bake or Rework pre-bake. A total of 8 profiles are available from the start button, and with the WiFi infinte profiles are available from your phone or PC.

  • Compact and convenient size - Your reflowR can be kept with other desktop tools without occupying excessive space.

  • Access - You have full access to the parts being reflowed while the solder is kept melted to enable small adjustments to fix misalignment.

  • Proper PID temperature control - JEDEC reflow profiles compliant. Small heat capacity and thermal mass, with active cooling and microprocessor control delivers fast, accurate temperature rise and fall.

  • Process monitor and logging - Each of your reflow jobs gets logged for later comparison and inspection.

  • Energy efficient design - Due to the low thermal mass, ReflowR heats your PCB, not your office.

  • Improved reliability - Reliable solder joints and Less risk of thermal shock to your components.

  • Improved quality - reflowR won't discolor your boards and your solder joints will be smooth and shiny.

  • Consistency - each board is reflowed almost exactly the same, eliminating human error and variation due to hots spots in skillets and toaster ovens.

  • Superior rework function - Reworking large parts like Quad Flat Packs (QFP) can be problematic when having to apply heat with a hot air pencil or trying to hold a board on a skillet while trying to prod the part with tweezers or a soldering iron, all the while rushing and panicking that you are over heating the part or damaging the board. With a reflowR the board will be held in place, and brought up to just the right temperature so that you can place and exactly re-align the the part without stress on the part or your nerves.

  • Available and affordable - to the maker, professional or as an educational tool.

  • Web app and open web service - In addition to the phone app, reflowR will have a web app so it can be controlled from any browser. It will also have a JSON based web service so you can write your own app and control the reflowR directly if you like.

  • Auxiliary Thermocouple input - provides an external second thermocouple input to monitor temperature either at the top of the PCB or on large components such as connectors.

    100V / 115V / 230V AC operation - Each ReflowR is shipped configured for your country, but there is an internal changeover if you need change it.

Two models to suit your need and budget

Two models to suit your need and budget

Buy from either Tindie,Indiegog or directly from me.